China Economic Collapse – Is The Writing on the Wall


China Economic Collapse – Is The Writing on the Wall?

Yesterdays Video:

China Economic Collapse 2018

Today is Tuesday 9th October 2018 and we are continuing our discussion regarding the likelihood of Chinas imminent economic collapse.

Yesterday we pointed out that Chinas economy may not be as sound as they would have us believe. We also highlighted that there would be future turmoil and that Chinas answer to its short-term problems would be a continued devaluation of the Yuan and an easier monetary policy in order to boost internal investment and hopefully productivity. Well just one day later its interesting to see what has happened.

Reported by Reuters today:

“Asian shares hit 17-month lows on Tuesday as China allowed its currency to slip past a psychological bulwark amid recent losses in domestic share markets, a shift that pressured other emerging currencies.”

Yes China did the very thing we suggested in our video.
China’s central bank fixed its yuan at 6.9019 per dollar so breaching the 6.9000 barrier and leading speculators to push the dollar up to 6.9120 in the spot market.

A JP Morgan analyst is quoted as stating in a note:
“Risk sentiment is in a foul mood and stocks are sinking everywhere…..With Chinese economic momentum continuing to weaken alongside increasing pressure from the United States, currency weakness is the obvious release valve…… a lurch through the 7.0 level by year end is possible.”

This appears to be further supported by a commentary in the State backed Global Times Chinese tabloid which states “China must take strong stimulus measures to support growth, with the country in a “critical” period of stabilizing its economy”. So we could very well see similar measures similar to those adopted in 2008 by China to help overcome the consequences of the global financial crisis where it injected 4 trillion Yuan into the economy.

The result of this weakness and concern has caused the US dollar to rise with Yields on 10-year Treasury paper touching a new seven-year high at 3.252% and the dollar index standing as we produce this video at 95.89 and in our view will shortly reach 96.

Now whilst this can in some respects be favourable for the US, not least of which perhaps reducing the frothiness of US stocks – better a small release valve than one mighty explosion, there are adverse consequences too. So much so that The IMF have just cut forecasts of global growth for both this year and next, including downgrades to the outlook for the United States, China and Europe.
We stated yesterday that there will be turbulence ahead and we are more and more confident of that statement. We are also increasingly confident of the dollars inexorable rise for some weeks if not months to come thereby eliminating, at least for the short term, the pumpers clarion call that the dollar will imminently collapse and gold and silver will shoot to the moon.

For interest Gold stands at $1190 some $12 down from its Friday’s close and silver stands at $14.43 some 20 cents down from its Friday’s close. We also received a note from one of our ‘oil insiders’ and we have to add that we have not confirmed this, but we are told by our colleague that unless the Iran situation is sorted quickly, we shall see Brent Crude hit $100 a barrel before the year is out.

We sincerely hope this does not happen, as it will certainly impinge on economic growth, however in reality Brent Crude should not be more than $65 a barrel in any case and yet it stands at $84.5 – so please keep this in mind – we haven’t corroborated this yet but our contact is rarely wrong. When we have more info we shall share it with you.

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