Iran पर लागु हुआ अमेरिका का बैन, बूरी तरह डरा हुआ है ईरान

Among the trade war, the US has imposed a number of economic sanctions on Iran, which came into force on Monday midnight. Iran fears that after this the daily life of the people will be more difficult. Under the bans imposed by the US, the industry can be stalled due to the problem of raw materials from midnight on Monday in Iran. It would also be difficult to buy life saving medicines. In such a situation, Iranians are scared and restless about the difficulties coming. President Donald Trump said that on November 5 all the sanctions against Iran will be fully implemented, which were removed due to the nuclear deal. After separating from the nuclear deal with Iran, Trump had warned all countries to stop importing oil from Iran or face restrictions. Let me tell you that recently Trump had said that the US sanctions imposed on Iran from November 5 will have major impact.
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