Turkey’s First Humanoid Robot Factory AKINROBOTICS

Turkey’s and World’s First Humanoid #Robot Factory AKINROBOTICS series began production’ ‘in the press area on my interview. The official opening of AKINROBOTICS took place in Konya on 4 November 2017 at 14.00. Continuing to develop with innovation in the field of software in our country and in the world, #AKINSOFT is making sure steps towards becoming a pioneer company in the field of “Robotic Technologies”. AKINROBOTICS, which closely follows the developing robotic technologies and will give high technological direction on the global scale very soon, The ADA GH5, a 100% domestic production robot, took its place in everyday life.

AKINROBOTICS aims to serve humanity and know-how; With the ADA GH5, the robot is aiming to transform human life into better quality by loading it into robots that break down human ergonomics and health, and that puts life at risk. The latest production of AKINROBOTICS, the Robot ADA GH5, is a high-level synthesis of previously designed waiter and hostess robots in line with this goal.

The ADA GH5 can perform many programmable movements with its articulated arms, which can mimic human movements. He has the ability to dance in the direction of the given choreography.

ADA GH5, distributing brochures, providing waiters services (providing service from the kitchen, service to the table), product presentation (promoting the product at food stands on the market), instant answers to questions asked on the internet, carrying goods up to 10 kgs weight, active computer and internet usage , as a patient caregiver in hospitals, can perform water and catering services, make drug timing and take medicine to the patient. Thanks to the display in front of the ADA GH5, it also provides the opportunity to use the computer and internet actively for the physically disabled or patients and to make friends with the patients.

ADA GH5 to be used in the service sector; It can be used in airports, autogas, hotels, shopping centers, stores, markets, restaurants and cafes, fairs, concerts, organizations such as opening, celebrations, educational institutions, hospitals.

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